What Does a Promotion Agency Do?

A promotion agency is responsible for marketing & advertising of companies & products. Parks Productions provides turnkey marketing services & SourceLink provides data-driven direct marketing services. Parago specializes in incentive & engagement solutions while Re

What Does a Promotion Agency Do?
A promotion agency, also commonly known as an advertising agency, is an entity that is responsible for the marketing and advertising of a company or companies. While some companies rely on independent promotion agencies, large companies often have internal operations that handle promotion and advertising. Whether internal or independent, promotion agencies perform several core functions.

Turnkey marketing services are provided by Parks Productions, a performance marketing company that focuses on results-based, data-driven consumer and retail engagement. With over 37 years of experience, they have worked with some of the world's leading brands to create the right strategy to connect with their customers or independent retailers at every stage of the lifecycle.

Parks Productions offers creative, media-neutral approaches that are backed by an unbeatable combination of analysis and intuition. This helps them determine if customers need a reassuring and informative grip, a digital touch, a gentle push in the store, or an incentive with the arm around the shoulder to move them through the cycle. Then they deliver the right message, at the right time, through the right channel, and with the right voice to keep the customer engaged and focused on the brand.

SourceLink is another data-driven direct marketing agency that partners with customers to help create databases, create direct campaigns, and analyze responses. Clients include Lowe's, Disneyland, Neiman Marcus and Huntington. Parago specializes in incentive and engagement solutions for brands. They offer specific service lines for sales pipeline optimization, employee rewards, and consumer engagement, acquisition and retention.

Relevent is a creative experience agency that specializes in the development of experiential platforms, technological development and the creation of mobile environments and experiences. Customers include Marriott, AMC, Jeep and Victoria's Secret Pink brand.

The stated goal of The Marketing Arm is to make brands mean something to their consumers. The basic function of a promotion agency is the development or exploitation of a brand - what Bloomberg Businessweek calls the personality of a product. Promotion agencies can also be asked to create a brand for products through advertising, promotions and package design.

Event Promoters, Artists, Labels, Agencies & brands of all sizes use Bandsintown Promoter to attract 70 million passionate fans of live music with their message. Whether through sweepstakes, authentic brand experiences, street teams, social media contests, mobile apps, loyalty programs or prizes - The Regan Group puts the right sales promotion and marketing tools in the right places at the right times to connect with your audience objective.

It is the responsibility of the promotion agency to develop a research-based advertising and campaign. When it comes to a product with an established brand, the creative team of a promotion agency needs to understand that brand thoroughly and create an advertising campaign based on that understanding. Agencies also create promotions for businesses such as rewards programs, discounts, special offers and sweepstakes designed to increase revenue.

While larger promotion agencies take responsibility for executing campaigns - some small boutique promotion agencies create advertising campaigns for customers but do not run campaigns. To develop a successful strategy - promotion agencies conduct research on a product - its target demographic and its image before launching an advertising campaign.

In addition to designing the campaign itself - an advocacy agency must decide how best to deliver it: on television - radio - Internet and social networking sites - print advertising - billboards - in specific geographical locations or a combination of these media. Full-service promotion agencies not only design complete advertising campaigns and then deliver them to companies - they are also responsible for the detailed work of carrying them out.


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